Trains Around North America

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Today North America offers more railway adventures than anywhere else in the world. And In this program we are going to give you a little taste of some of the best. From historic steam train and streamliners, elegant dinner trains, to the most luxurious rail liner in North America.

North America’s great railroad legacy began on August 8, 1829 when Horatio Allen tested an English-built steamer named the Stourbridge Lion in north-east Pennsylvania. This historical event would help slingshot North America into an industrial giant over the next 100 years. By the time America entered the Civil War there were more than 60,000 miles of railroad track in the United States, by the turn of the century it ballooned to more than 190,000.

Today the railroads that helped build the world around us are slowly disappearing. Nearly 60% of all track laid in North America has been abandoned or torn up.  For every mile of track scraped another link to our past is last forever.

The tourist railway and museums of North America have helped stop that trend and today they are the driving factor that helps save, preserve and presents our rich railroad heritage. Our tourist railway and museums offer up much more than just a train ride or a walk through a museum full of artifacts and equipment. They are a way to get up close and personal and let your senses come alive as you see, hear, smell, touch, and even taste our past. it’s a history lesson like no other.

In this program we are going to visit 17 of North America’s premier Tourist railways. We will meet the men and women that help keep our railroad history alive and on the rails, so all of us have a chance to step back in time and partake in some of our deep pioneering heritage. 

Railroads featured in the program are:

Alberni Pacific Railroad (Port Alberni, British Columbia Canada)

Columbia Star Dinner Train (Columbia, Missouri)

Durbin & Greenbrier Railroad (Durbin, West Virginia)

Fillmore & Western Railway (Fillmore, California)

Grand Canyon Railway (Williams, Arizona)

The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad (Dillsboro, North Carolina)

New Hope & Ivyland Railroad (New Hope, Pennsylvania)

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad (Alamosa, Colorado)

Royal Canadian Pacific Railway (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Texas State Railroad (Rusk, Texas)

Wilmington & Western Railroad (Wilmington, Delaware)

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad (Allegheny Mountains of Maryland)

The White Pass & Yukon Route Railway (Carcross, Yukon, Canada)

Café Lafayette Dinner Train (North Woodstock, New Hampshire)

Lake Superior Railroad Museum/North Shore Scenic RR (Duluth, Minnesota)

Hiawassee Rail Adventure (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

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